Natural Acne Treatment

Natural Acne Treatment

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Whiteheads are well known among many people. It affects millions of people each year, ranging from early teenagers to full grown adults. The primary cause of whiteheads is blockages in the pores of the skin. These blockages can result from dirt, bacteria, and oil. Though whiteheads is problematic for many people, using the advice found in this article, you can get rid of whiteheads.

Everyone loves to touch their face. It is a habit that is just so hard to break or pay much attention to. However, washing your hands frequently and keeping them off of your face as much as possible significantly helps prevent whiteheads and oil buildup on your face. Wash your hands thoroughly and often, and keep them off of your face.

Make an effort to include chromium into your daily nutrition. Chromium is an excellent supplement for your body and helps with not only reducing whiteheads but also weight loss. Not only is it good for your skin, eating a chromium supplement or pill should assist with healing your pimples and other infections.

After working out, make sure you wash your face as soon as possible. Sweat is a major contributor to clogged pores and whiteheads. Use a mild cleanser to do this instead of harsh chemicals, a simple soap and water solution can effectively do the trick and help keep your face clean.

Remind yourself not to pop your pimples with your fingers, or rest your cheek, chin or any other part of your face in your hand. Touching your hands to your face spreads bacteria to other parts of your face, and can cause more breakouts or infection. Infection can cause scarring or deep pitting that may only be helped by a skin specialist.

To prevent whiteheads, make sure you're careful when using an exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliating your skin can cause your whiteheads to get even worse. Try using an exfoliate that isn't very abrasive, if you want to prevent whiteheads.

If you are an otherwise healthy adult woman with serious whiteheads issues, consider asking your doctor if birth control pills could facilitate the problem. Birth control pills help regulate your hormone levels and most whiteheads breakouts in young adults are related to hormone fluctuations. The regulation of hormones could reduce the number of breakouts you suffer.

Use gel-based cosmetics and skin care products to avoid adding oiliness to your skin. Gel-based products are lighter and allow skin to breathe, so they don't aggravate whiteheads as oil-based products do. Try to choose gel-based products that don't contain over-drying, unnatural ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol. Pure aloe is the best gel product!

A wonderful treatment for whiteheads which feels as nice as it is effective, is mashed cucumber. Spread it over your skin and let it sit for 60 minutes, then gently rinse it off with warm water. This can help rejuvenate your skin and dry out whiteheads, and will even prevent future outbreaks.

After exercising, shower as soon as possible and use a shower gel with anti-bacterial properties. When sweat combines with skin sebum, it can block pores on the skin and lead to further whiteheads outbreaks. The moisture in sweat can also irritate existing whiteheads and create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

You may want to avoid saunas if you suffer from whiteheads breakouts. The hot steam hitting your face can cause you to sweat in extreme amounts. Large amounts of sweat make your skin more prone to breakouts. If you insist on going to a sauna, be sure to wash your face thoroughly when you are done.

If you have whiteheads, be careful not to clean your skin too much! Daily cleansing is very important for healthy skin, but over-scrubbing irritates breakouts and does more harm than help. Cleansers can leave residues that may act as irritants as well. Lightly rubbing a gentle cleanser into your skin and rinsing well with water is the best way to fight off outbreaks.

To help get rid of your whiteheads you can apply fresh garlic to the problem areas. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and the oils that are in it can help to reduce and repair whiteheads breakouts. If you are concerned about the odor in public try using it before going to bed.

If you have long hair, make sure that you wash it every day to reduce oil and bacteria. When your hair touches your face, it transfers oil to your skin, which can generate additional whiteheads. Either limit your hair length or pull it back, to reduce the excess oil that comes in contact with your skin.

Furthermore, the threat of whiteheads can be a challenge for many people around the world. It can last for many years in to adulthood. With a little help, the amount of time you have with the condition can be lessened. By using the advice found in this article, you can eliminate whiteheads in no time.


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